Monday, June 25, 2007

Missing Weight Watchen Too

I too am missing Weight Watchen. I only joined a week ago and feel such a loss. I will post
my past week's menu's/points, because I want to have them there to see where I've been. Then, I can look back on what was working and what wasn't. I might 
even enter
all my menu's since I started the diet. I started 6/4/07.  Most of my thoughts are lost
since it was a in the moment thing. But I am happy Swizzlepop helped me again, by letting
me know about this blog site! :)

I will be back shortly to post those menu's a little later when I have more time...

As an intro: I am 32, F weighing a disgusting weight of 216...and I have already lost 10 lbs.
I am VERY proud of that and plan to stick to the Weight Watchers program. I find it works for my lifestyle. I would like to lost another 56 lbs., but will be happy with with 46!

I hate to exercise, so one of my goals is to up how many times a week I do it. And to find stuff I like to do... not an east task! LOL

Be back soon... Have a great day!


Swizzlepop said...

Glad I could help! Keep up the great work and stay positive!

Calyn said...

Thanks Swizzlepop! I really apprecaite the support :)