Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am Scared 7/31/07

I have been trying to keep very busy all day, but now that everything is done and DH is at the station... I am starting to lose it! Why do I always think worse scenario??? At least DH will be there waiting for me when I get out of surgery. Not sure what to expect afterwards, so it's kind of an up in the air thing! Anyway, enough about that! I went to Panera Bread, it is becoming my fav place because I love soup. And I wanted something easy for DH or MIL to heat up for me tomorrow, in case I am not feeling up to it. I got the LF Black Bean (2.5 pts) and the LF Roasted Corn Veggie (2). And that I could get an apple as the side with it was just the best! I also went and got 2 servings of KFC mashed potatoes w/o gravy (2.5)... can you say comformt food? But at least I did not buy an Mickey D Fries or Publix fried chicken so I count it as a win! The no water after midnight is freaking me out. I can only imagine that I am going to be so dehydrated by the time this is all over (will be 14 hrs w/o water) :0 Nothing is helping....tv. music, even a little wine :( Oh well, nothing I can do. It is going to happen and all I can do is hope for the best! Thank you again for all your wishes and support! ((hugs))


SNACK (While on the road)

Long John Silver Hush Puppies 2 (2)
Ketchup (0)


LF Homemade Potato Skins (4)
Light Sour Cream (1)


LF Quesadilla (5)
Salsa (0)
Southwest Salad (3)
Wine (10)

No FP Used 35 Left

DRANK 80 oz water
32 Hint water- tropical fruit and tangerine pomegrante
49 regular water w/ lime juice

Cleaned Upstairs 1 Hour 2 APs

I may be incognito for a day or two, depending on how it goes...so everyone have a Great OP day and I will check in with you all soon! And I know the Barbie Brigade will be with me in spirit! ((hugs))I

Another Sleepy Day 7/30/07

Did it again...another big nap- 3 hours this time! I will be SO happy when things finally get back on track! Wednesday is fast approaching and as happy as I am to just get it over with, I am still nervous. But DH has been really good, got another lavender massage before bed. And my BFF sent me the sweetest care package for "after". There was a fuzzy, really soft blanket, a pluffie namesd Catnap, a sleep mask (since surgery is at noon), a sleepy lotion with lavender and valerian, a kit if 7 yummy smelling shower gels and lip balm (since I will probably be dehydrated since no liquid after midnight- I feel like a Gremlin and what am I going to do without my H2O) :0 Anyway, okay day in all. Used all my FP this week, so I missed that goal. Also did not weigh yesterday but will try to get there today. Next, week 9...

7/30/07 Monday


Veg Beef Soup (2)
10 Crackers (2)


Baked Tortilla Chips (2)
Spinach Artichoke Dip (4)
Salsa (0)
Low Fat Chix n Cheese Quesadilla 2 pcs (5)
Wine (13.5)


WW Choc Fudge Brownie Ice Cream (2)

Used 7.5 FP 0 Left

Drank 64 oz water
No exercise- can't wait to get back to a regular schedule!

Hope everyone is doing well! Barbie (hugs)) to everyone :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sleeping Due to Stress 7/29/07

I've finally figured out why I am sleeping so much. When I am stressed, all I want to do is sleep. It is my escape not to have to think of what is coming. I am still nervous but so far everything seeems to be on track, no delays (fingers crossed)! Spent most of the day in bed playing with my Meez account, watching tv and sleeping. DH had a bad night at the station so he was playing catch up with sleep, slept most of the day. Went to IL's for dinner, had already talked to MIL to figure out points but I had to catch the IL's a couple of times before they put butter on things. I brought a ICBINB spray to keep at their house. And even measured out and brought my own wine. DH kept trying to sabatouge me with the wine, kept filling my glass when I would get up from the table! And then he wondered why I fell asleep 10 mins into A Night at the Museum! Hello? All in all, it was a good day!

7/29/07 Sunday


Homemade LF Egg McMuffin
100 Cal English Muffin (1)
1/2 Egg Beaters (.5)
1 slice Canadian Bacon (.5)
2% Milk Cheese Slice (1)
6 Tater Tots (2)


Flank Steak 3 oz (5)
Grilled Mushrooms (0)
Carrots w/ lil Olive Oil (1)
Grilled Baby Red Potatoes (2)
ICBINB Spray (0)
Salad (0)
Salad Dressing (1)
Wine 16

Used 4 FP 9.5 Left

Drank 64 oz water
No exercise :( Too Tired

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weird Day and Under Point :) 7/28/07

So, if you have read my previous post, you know about my Walmart mission. DH was up and out of the house at 5:30 am to get to station 1.5 hours away. (I know, crazy, but it is only every 3rd day and he has been there 17 yrs, kinda hard to give up that kind of senority and pay). Back to my weird day...so I could not go back to sleep. I read emails, check on all the Barbie's and encouraged others to join. Then, decided to go early to Publix and Walmart. Left here at 7:45 :0 which I am usually somewhere in la-la land at that time! Got all my shopping done. Got home and watched a lil tv and then fell back asleep around 11.

I did not wake up until 4pm :0 Another weird thing, I can never nap for more than an hour. I guess fending off the callings of all those Mickey D's took more out of me than I thought! LOL So, after that I was in one of those funks where you've slept too long, kinda hazy if you know what I mean. So, I basically hung out in bed and watched tv. I watched The Wicker Man (more weirdness for the day), the 4400 and the Dead Zone. In between I ate and drank wine and still managed to get in 112 oz of water and....

Drumroll please... I was UNDER TARGET for the day! YIPEE Now, I chock this up to sleeping most of the time but I still did it!



My Low Fat Potato Skins
Potato Skins (1)
2% Milk Cheddar Cheese (2)
Hormel Bacon Bits (1)
ICBINB Spray (0)
Light Sour Cream (1)


WW Home Style Beef Pot Roast (3)
Greek Salad (3)
Wine (13)

0 FP Used 13.5 Left

Drank 112 oz water
No exercise- too tired

Hope everyone is having a GREAT OP weekend and here are some Barbie ((hugs))!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Love/Hate Relationship with Walmart

Oh, there is a fine line between the 2! I love the prices. I hate that Mc Donald's is the 1rst thing I see when I walk in... there it is calling my name, telling me I really want a bacon, egg n cheese biscuit and hashbrown. But I resist everytime but it is getting harder and harder! But WW Barbie will continue to fight the urge! Back to the love, I love their Southwest and Greek Salads. I hate that they don't always have them both at the same store even at the crack of dawn!!!! So, like a crack addict I go where my salads are. So, this morning that meant 2 different Walmarts! AAARGH!!! And to boot, had to pass not 1, not 2 but 3 more Mc Donald's and they were on my side of the road GRRRRR If they are on the other side of the road, no biggie. Why? I do not know. Too much effort for a bad thing? But here I am, home having resisted the evil breakfast monster at Mickey D's. Another battle won!!!

So, there is ny Barbie bitching for the day! Going to see what everyone else is up to! Love you all- GO Barbie Brigade :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday 7/27/07

I feel empowered thanks to the Barbie Brigade...so I am trying to stay OP!!! No FP or AP's not that I have any, but I will do my best! I've got the wine thing down, just need to work on the rest. Thank you to Swizzlepop and Steph for the distraction I needed at this point in my week/life!!! ;)

7/27/07 Friday


Campbell's Soup in Hand- Creamy Mushroom 2
More Canned Mushrooms 0
Crackers 0


100 Cal Cheez-its 2


WW Chix n Cheese Quesadilla 4
Light Sour Cream 1
Salsa 0
SW Salad 3
Wine 15
DH got me- brought home Wendy's-
Some of his fries 2
2 bites of his burger 2

4 FP Used 13.5 Left

Drank 90 oz water
After the 4 hrs of hard core cleaning yesterday, I had to take the day off... was too sore... but did manage to take pics and put 11 items for sale on Ebay. That was a chore, not a workout ;)

Everyone, have a GREAT weekend!!!! Go Barbie Brigade WOO HOO

I am Taking the Barbie Oath

The Barbie Oath......I must promise to uphold the Barbie ways which include whining when I feel like it, being bitchy on cue and knowing that NO MATTER WHAT or WHO (yeah even if she is a rich, plastic surgery induced, exercise obsessed, bubble head) comes across your path - that I am "Wonder Woman" Barbie.....beautiful and worthy!!! Size 6 or 60, Porsche or Pinto, flat belly and good boobs or pannus and dried prunes - WE are AWESOME!!

Steph- I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Barbie name!!! Thank you SOOOO much :)

Here is what Steph said:
You are Wonder Woman Barbie - you amaze me with your ability to bounce back every day regardless of how you feel or what life throws at you - that is so amazing - what tennacity! You also have the ability to use your secret powers aka wine to chill out after a hard day of fighting crime and grunge......you come complete with invisible jet, invincible body and an iron will that beats anything that you come up against - not to mention you got that smokin' hot WW body - the WW stands for WonderWoman BTW - LOL

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Day After 7/26/07 Kinda Caved

Well, I did not sleep very well last night. Tossed and turned, had weird dreams...guess just aftermath of the disaster! Slept in, which was kinda nice. When I did wake, DH was hungry but I was not. So, I just made him breakfast. Then, helped him with his side business and get out of the house so he could go make some $$$. After he left, I went into a cleaning frenzy. Let me start by saying I hate to clean and have no schedule for cleaning so some things get put off. We do not live in a pig stye by any means, but I do not do deep (spring) cleaning very often. Well, DH left at 1:30 and I cleaned until 5:30!!! My kitchen is spotless and re-arranged...my bathroom is sparkling!!! And 5 loads of laundry later, I realized I had not eaten anything the whole day. :0 Was not even hungry but got some soup and crackers down. Have been keeping up with my water, actually exceeded my goal and it is only 6:45! I think it helped, I tried not to think, just scrub!!!!

LUNCH- (If you can call it that)

Panera Bread's LF Garden Veggie Soup 1.5
Crackers 1


Nancy's Egg White Quiche Broc Cheese 7
Greek Salad 3
Small Fry from Wendy's 6 *** I had every intention of only eating 1/2. but you know what they say about good intentions!!!
Wine 15

Used 7.5 FP 18.5 Left

Water 80 oz

Do I count my 4 hours of house cleaning as APs? I know they would be light points but I was sweating and doing alot of arm work and bending and such. Just curious, not that I ever use my APs, but good to know for tomorrow. I will be working on the guest bedroom and guest bathroom. That way if anyone other than my DH has to stay with me next week, my house will be in order and super clean.

Okay, according to Steph I should count my cleaning. According to my Pointsbooster 4 hours of cleaning and I counted it as light even though I was sweating- it turns out to be 12 APs?!?!!!!!!!!:0 Guess my fry slip was not so bad...

Again, thanks for reading and all your supportive posts!

The Day of Diaster 7/25/07

Thank you ALL for your wishes/support/caring!!! You are SO awesome! I was still depressed and really drained but I made it thru the day. I was SO happy about the loss but it was like a rollercoaster. Up, down, up, down... anyway, another day!

7/25/07 Wednesday


Panera Bread's LF Black Bean Soup 2.5
Crackers 1
1 Tbsp Light Sour Cream .5

DINNER- Guess Where? Yep, Applebee's

Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Spinach Artichoke Dip 4
WW French Onion Soup 3
WW Shrimp Salad 4
Wine 16- yes, I know WAY TOO MUCH, but considering the day, started a wee bit early

Used 7 FP 21 Left

Drank 76 ox water
No exercise, but a lot of crying (probably lost so water weight)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Which do you want 1rst????

Bad news: Surgery has been re-scheduled for Wednesday next week ?!? At 2:00 pm today, ins rep called, said 2 of the dr's the hospital scheduled for my surgery were not "in my network" and I would have to pay for them out of pocket unless they re-scheduled dr's. So, I called the dr's office, the the hospital - back and back and back and forth until finally found out that if I had the surgery tomorrow at this particular hospital I would end up paying $1500-2000 for the surgery. WTF??? Less than 24 hr before surgery and now after I have given blood! Thank goodness there was no Mickey D's on my side of the road or I would have been in big trouble!!!!

So, after like 12 phone calls and crying fits, glasses of wine and breaking down, surgery has been rescheduled at another facility where I will not have to pay anything!!!! AAAAAAGH!!! I feel like someone put me thru the ringer twice and are not done with me:( So, now it is re-scheduled to Wednesday next week!

I did manage to be good so far... have not eaten alot..only the low fat blk bean soup from Panera Bread. Only soup, no baugette or pc of it!!! Only a few crackers! No very hungry after all the trauma!!!

Waiting for the good news: I weighed this morning and loss .5 lbs. So that is a total of 15 lbs in 7 weeks! YIPEE!!!

Now I am just trying to get thru the day without losing it...but with all this stress it may not happen! Hope everyone is doing better than me... will chk on everyone later, going to take a nap now! ((hugs))

Retail Therapy 7/24/07

Well, not to brag but I have the best MIL in the world. She knew my DH was gone all day and she called me up, said she wanted to take me to lunch and take me shopping. She had decided that we needed to start redecorating our house (we moved there in Novemeber). So, she showed up with measuring tape in hand and decided we needed new curtains and rods in the bedroom and a slipcover for our loveseat in the sitting room!! SWEET!!!! We had a GREAT time :)

Then when I got home, there was a box from FTD waiting at my door. MY BFF sent me yellow roses and lilies, which were SO beautiful!!!

And after a long talk w/ my DH about letting me deal with the anxiety of the upcoming surgery my own way (since he is not the one being cut into), he went on a crazy binge to make me happy. He got me the last copy of Premonition which I have been dying to see. Then he set up the bedroom for a good night massage (PG 13 girls, get your minds out of the gutter LOL). He got a lavender candle, this flower oil thing to make the room smell nice and Aveeno stress relief lotion for the massage! What a sweetie :) I feel asleep right after it! It was awesome!

I need to have surgery more often... uh, just kidding. But it is really nice to have everyone helping me out and thinking of me! Food wise was pretty good

7/25/07 Tuesday 2 days til surgery

LUNCH- Applebee's

2/3 WW French Onion Soup 2
1.5 small pcs of MIL quesadillas 5


WW Quesadilla 4 (just could not get enough) ;)
Light Sour Cream 1
Salsa 0
Southwest Salad 3
Wine 13

Used 2 FP 33 Left

Drank 75 oz water
No exercise, was too tired after all that shopping :)

Hoping to say OP day before the surgery, cannot have more than 1-2 glasses of wine so I will probably be under point!!! ;) Hope everyone has a GREAT OP day! Thank you for all your comments and support ((hugs))

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crab is Everywhere 7/23/07

So, we did not make it to the all-u-can eat prime rib and crab leg dinner on Saturday. But DH still wanted some, so we went to our local place last night. We had a big lunch so I was not very hungry. I did not eat as much as he did, but I did get to take care of 1 craving. I got wings-YUMMY!!!! Man, those buggers were good!!!(I miss Atkins right about now, but know it is not good for me) I had to order 6 (happy hour rule),only ate 2. Then, brought the rest home- going to freeze them in 2's and when the craving comes again, they will be there. Everything in moderation, right? :)

Found out surgery is set for Thursday AM...I am getting pretty nervous about it. DH is not handling me very well. Being together for 10 yrs, I know this about him...but this is about me so he is just going to have to deal! ;)

So, this is the end of week 7. Have not weighed in yet...I did pretty good with my water goal- need to do better. As for exercise- I only did 2 days but one day, it was for an hour instead of 30 mins. Did not use any APs, but I used all my FPs- so I need to work on that as well. May not make an exercise goal for this (8th) week due to the surgery (have to wait and see what happens) but I will be making the others as usual! Here is my menu and then I am off to see how everyone else is doing:

7/23/07 Monday

LUNCH- Zapata's

Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Salsa 0
Small Amount of Shredded Beef 4
Lettuce and Tomatoes 0
Light Sour Cream 1

DINNER- Draft House

Crab Legs 5
2 Chicken Wings 6
1 small red potato 2
ICBINB Spray 0
Zuchinnn Squash 0
Wine 14


WW Toffee Ice Cream Bar 2

Used 9 FP 0 Left

Drank 70 oz of water
No exercise :(

Hope everyone is have a good OP week!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday 7/22/07

So, we slept in. DH was suppose to go to work but he was still not feeling well. We stayed home, he slept and we watched The Shooter. Since he was feeling a little better, went to dinner at my IL's. It was a good night!



SB Cranberry Chix Salad Kit 6
Veg Beef Soup 2


Hamburger 5
Whole Wheat Bun 2
Dijionaise 0
Pickle 0
Lettuce 0
Tomato 0
Baked Kettle Chips 2 (Everyone else had fries GRRRR)
Corn 0
ICBINB Spray 0
Wine 14

Used 6 FP 9 Left

Drank 65 oz water
Exercise- 1 hour :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/21/07 Saturday

We were suppose to go to the all-u-can eat prime rib and crab leg night, but my DH was having tummy problems, so we had to cancel :( Oh well, I probably would've blown all my points, so it turned out to be a good thing! I mean I am not happy about DH, but he is feeling better now. Was a little sad and depressed yesterday because of the surgery, but am trying not to let it take over completely! We'll see how that works out...

7/21/07 Saturday


Low Fat Potato Skins - Homemade
Skin on 1 potato 1
2% milk cheddar cheese 2
Hormel bacon bits 1
Light Sour Cream 1


Nancy's Egg White Quiche Roasted Veggie 7
Greek Salad 3
Wine 15


WW Choc Fudge Ice Cream 2

Used 6 FP 17 Left

Drank 64 oz water
No exercise

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Still Freakin Out but A Little Better

Yesterday was not a good day and it was...I drank too much wine. But I had a big achievement!!! Usually when I am stressed and had a little too much to drink (does not happen that often),I tend to make REALLY bad food choices. Last night we went to Bennigan's and before I would have gotten the appetizer platter with potato skins, wings and broccoli bites! Can we say lots of calories, fat and grease??? I can't say I was not tempted at least twice to order it before our waitress came, but I didn't!!! I was happy with myself for that particular thing, just not right in the head for obvious reasons so it was a fleeting happiness. Proud none the less...

7/20/07 Friday


Chix n Stars Soup 1
Crackers 1


Wine 9

DINNER- Bennigan's

Tortilla Soup (no tortillas) small 2
Crackers 1
Grilled Chix Breast 3
Baked Potato plain 3
Green Beans 0
Wine 4


More Wine 4

Used 4 FP 23 Left

Drank 72 oz water
No exercise

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Freakin' Out

I am freakin' out here! I was suppose to have the MRI but my insurance co. was giving the dr. office a hard time! GRRRRR, so it was rescheduled twice. Then the nurse called to tell me that the ins. co would not give her a verbal authorization, they would send it by US Mail?!? WTF??????????????? So, I got upset and called my DH human resources dept to find out who I needed to talk to so I could get this straightened out. Finally, a rep for the ins co called me. Ready for this? He advised that they would not authorize the MRI because it would not tell my Dr. anything... my only option they will authorize is a biopsy!!!

So, I call my Dr.'s office and tell them just to schedule the biopsy, cuz I am tired of waiting and want to get this over with... but here is the kicker: Can we do a needle biopsy? NO Can we do a core biopsy so they do not have to put me under? NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! So, now I am having surgery next week!!!

I am freaking out and stressed and have ALREADY opened a bottle of wine. I really want my DH to come home, but I doubt he will be able to calm me down. There is more but I don't feel like going into it... maybe later.

Sorry to rant and freak out on you guys, but you are my cyber life line!!! ((hugs)) Hope I don't sabotage myself point wise... only good thing is I have only had 4 pts so far (not counting the wine I am consuming as I type). At least I am not stress eating, that is the only good thing I can say right now.

Thanks for listening/reading, whatever you want to call it!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 7/19/07 No Salads :(

So, I went late to Walmart to get my usual greek and SW salads and they had none at either one. WAAAAAAAY!!! Luckily, I have 1 greek salad left, which I am eating tonight. I am going to try and go early tomorrow to see if I can get some b4 they sell out this time. Other than that, nothing exciting today! After the fight last night with the hubby (which he called and apologized this morning) I slept in, so no breakfast!



97% FF Hebrew Nat Hot Dog 1
Whitewheat hot dog bun 1
Mustard 0
10 Kettle Baked Chips 1
Pickle 0


100 Cal bag of Cool Ranch Doritos 2


Lean Cuisine Salsibury Steak with Pots and Carrot 5
Greek Salad 3
Wine- Merlot 7
Wine- Chardonnay 7


WW Passion Fruit Creamsicle 1

Used 2 FP 27 Left

Drank 77 oz water
Exercise- Dancing around the house 20 mins 1 AP

Hope everyone is having a GREAT OP night! I will be checking on you guys ;)

I Love These Things

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world.
And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.
You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you're an open person.
With you, what you see is what you get... and people love that!

They really are fun and are so true...so far they have been right on the $$$

I've Created a Monster

My DH is now addicted to going to Applebee's. Yep, that's right 2 nights in a row :0 All I can say is thank goodness he is at work today and won't be back til tomorrow am! I was also upset because we had a new waitress and she clearly did not know what she was doing! ARGH I am more sympathetic than my hubby because I was a waitress many moons ago. Anyway, I tried to order the chix tortilla melt but I wanted the veggies on the side. She went to check and said they could not do that. Apparently the chix, cheese and veggies are already mixed together??? Ok, whatever...so I just had the soup. It gets there and I swear she gave me a regular one, not the WW one. But she swore up and down that it was the WW one. So, I ate it still unsure... The only good news is that we got the name of the waitress who served us a few times that definetely knows her stuff, so we will be asking for her from now on ;)

Ok, enough about my Applebee rant!

7/18/07 Wednesday


Healthy Choice Turkey/Ham 1
Light String Cheese 1
Baked Cheetos 3
V8, pickle 0


100 Cal bag Popcorn 1
100 Cal Hostess Cakes 1


1/2 Serving Baked Tortilla Chips 1
Small Amount of Spinach Artichoke Dip 2
Salsa 0
Wine 10
French Onion Soup 3


Wine 5


Drank 80 oz water
No exercise, but will tomorrow

Hope everyone is having a great day :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They Know Me SO Well

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.
You pull punches, but people still love you.

No wonder I eat this at least 4-5 times a week ;)

7/17/07 Tuesday

Not much to report. MRI was moved to Friday...will keep you posted! Thank you for all your comments, they always keep me motivated :) Week before TOM, so I am going to be HUNGRY ALL WEEK LONG!!!



100 Cal Bag Cheez-its 2 (yes, I know not a good breakfast but was on the road)


1 oz Boar's Head Chicken Breast 1
Light String Cheese 1
Pickle, V8 0


100 Cal bag of Popcorn w/ Shake of Kraft Mac n Cheese Seasoning 1


1 Glass of Wine at IL's 2

DINNER- Applebee's

French Onion Soup 3
Sante Fe Chicken Platter 7
Wine 13

Used 4 FP- 31 left

Drank 72 oz water
No exercise

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Perfect Wine

You Are Chardonnay

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).

Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite

Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

This is my favorite wine :)

WI 7/17/07 and Goals for Week 7

I went this morning and weighed... I LOST 3 lbs! OMG~ I am doing a BIG ol dance right now :) Then, I realized that I did not weigh last week or I did and did not record it... So, it is more like 1.5 lbs a week, but that is SWEEEEEET!!! So, a total of 14.5 lbs in 6 weeks :) That is like 2.4 lbs a week!!! Anyway, I am going to list my goals for this week and then go see how everyone else is doing....

The only thing else I can say is "Hello Flexies, missed ya bunches" LOL


Exercise: 3 xs this week~ may mix it up 2 days on treadmill and 1 video (we'll see)
Drink 90-100 oz water a day
Try to not use FP every day-if I could do it for 4 days last week ~ I can do it again

HAVE A GREAT OP DAY!!! sorry if I was yelling, but I am happy ;)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Day w/o Flexies 7/16/07

Well, I went over yesterday but today is the last day with no FP and it looks like it is going to be a OP day :)

Also, here is a BIG one: I worked out 3 times this week  YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally completely that goal....

Now I just need to do it again!!! I could not believeI did it! I ended up working out at 8:10 pm. I was under the 
impression ALL DAY that I was going to let myself down (was depressed, found out I have to get a job~in the real world OMG :( I am SO spoiled ;) )...and then I thought of you guys...how was I going to tell you that I did not complete this goal! SO thank you guys ((hugs))

7/16/07 Monday


Veg Beef Soup 2
Crackers 1


Light String Cheese 1


WW Quesadilla 4
Light Sour Cream 1
Salsa 0
Southwest Salad 3
Wine 12


1/2 WW Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream 1


30 mins treadmill 2 AP *** Did not use :)

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sundays Are Always Good But Not Point Wise :(

This is the one day my DH will actually consider taking off...and even though he slept most of the bday, we did get to spend some quality time together :) Since he slept in, we did not eat lunch til 2pm... he had pizza (what else is new) and I was good ;) We watched the Astronaut Farmer and then we went to the in-laws for dinner...they know I am doing WW and are very suppportive. I am finding it hard to stay OP without any flex pts and went over for the 1rst day this week after using them all Wednesday at Outback... I really wanted to stay OP the whole week, but it just did not happen :( But only 1 day left after this and DH is at the station tomorrow, which makes it easier!!!

7/15/07 Sunday


Light String Cheese 1


Egg Beaters 1
Mushrooms 1
Hormel Bacon Pcs 1
Sprinkle 2% cheese 1
3 pcs Canadian Bacon 1
2 pcs WW toast w/ ICBIT Spray 1


3 Grilled Scallops 1
4 oz Grilled POrk Tenderloin 3
Grilled Veggies 0
1 tsp Olive oil and Garlic 1
Blk Beans and Rice Mix (less than 1/3 cup) 3
Chopped Tomatoes, Green Onions in Vinegar 0
Glass of Wine 2


Wine 11
1/2 WW Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream 1

TARGET 26 TOTAL 28 *** Over 2 pts~no flexies

80 oz water
One more day and there will be a workout tomorrow!

Saturday 7/14/07

So, most of you know if you read my last post, I got on the treadmill even though I did not want to...washed the dogs and slept in :) Was a good day all in all, but DH worked too hard. Did not see him till about 9pm! Stayed OP so it was a good day :)



97% FF Hot Dog 1
Whitewheat Bun 1
Mustard, Pickle 0
Kettle Baked Chips 2


Light String Cheese 1


WW Homestyle Pot Roast 3
Greek Salad 3
Wine 14


100 cal Hostess cakes 1


Drank 90 oz water -made goal
35 mins on treadmill- 5 min extra and 2 down, 1 to go with today and tomorrow left...
I think I am actually going to make that goal YIPEE!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


So, it was already 4pm and I still had not worked out. I was getting hungry and tired...and what did I do? I got my big butt on the treadmill and did 35 mins!!! YEA ME :) And maybe just maybe it'll turn into a scale victory?!? Then I washed the dogs, which is another workout in itself! One weighs 120 lbs... the other hates bathes!!! Anyway, hope everyone is having a great Saturday :)

2 workouts down, 1 to go to meet weekly goal

Cravings and Question

I have been craving buffalo chicken wings (naked, not breaded). It is the only reason I miss Atkins. I thought the craving would go away... but NO, it is only getting worse :( I know I could have some, just count the points. If I am not mistaken they are 3 per pc...I almost thought I was going to get one or two at crab night, but with happy hour the minimun you can order is 6. WAAAAAAY!!! And I feel like an idiot asking the ladt behind the deli at Walmart for 1 wing LOL So, does anyone know how I can take care of this craving???

And on an unrelated issue~ what kind of music do you listening to when working out? I am looking for more music to add to my Ipod.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend :)

Trying SO Hard to Stay OP

Well, slept in today...did not get a lot of sleep...DH snores like the devil and is not very very cooperative when I try to get him to roll over on his side or back! But he went to the station today, so I slept in after he left :) I feel much better today, since I got back to my normal routine...

7/13/07 Friday

No breakfast


Low Fat Homemade Potato Skins 4
Light Sour Cream 1


WW Chix n Cheese Quesadilla 4
Salsa 0
Southwest Salad 3
Wine 13


Either 1/2 cup WW ice cream or 100 cal Hostess cakes, not sure yet


*** got on scale at Publix, usually do not go there this early in the week...scale said I was down .25 lb but I think the evil devil was lying...we will see ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Strawberry Cake

You Are Strawberry Cake

Fresh, sassy, and romantic.
You're a total flirt, who never would turn down a sugary treat.
Occasionally you're a bit moody - but you usually stay sweet!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

7-12-07 The Day After and Under Target :)

OMG, I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad today... was all the grease and fat!!! :0
After 5 weeks of low fat, my body was not ready for all that I put it through and I will leave it at that ;) No TMI here!!! LOL Drank ALOT of water, I think 90-100 oz to try and flush my system. I am feeling a little better now and should be back to 100% tomorrow. Did not get any exercise in today because I felt so bad~but I will be doing it tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a good night!


No Breakfast


Cambell's Ready in Hand Creamy Mushroom 2
Crackers 1

DINNER (DH just had to want Mexican)

3 oz shredded chix 3
Lettuce, Tomatoes 0
Light Sour Cream 1
Guacamole 1
Baked Torilla Chips 2
Salsa (very litle) 0
Wine 12


100 Cal Hostess Cakes

*** Still had 3 pts left. THERE'S A 1RST!!!

Thank You Guys

Thank you for all the advice/encouragment/support!!! I have decided to try and continue with my week, even though I do not have any flex points. It is going to be hard, since I used to use a few everyday. But I went to Walmart and got a couple of 3 pt WW dinners, my 3 pt salads and 100 cal Hostess cupcakes to try and get me through it. I have some low point soups on hand that should help out too. And if I start working out each day, maybe I will use my activity points. I do know 1 thing, I will NOT be weighing at the end of this week... it will only discourage me! So, here's hoping I make it thru the week ok! Again, thank you ((hugs)) :)

7/11/07 Anniversary I Blew It :(

Well, it was bound to happen...Yesterday was 10 years to the day that we met. I made my DH a cake, which I do not eat. But, then he took me to Outback. I have told you that fries were my downfall...well, fries w/ cheese and bacon are even worse! Then my DH ordered a bloomin onion. I only ate 1/4 of each but that blew my point out of the water. I only ate 1 very small piece of bread, a couple bites of salad and 2 coconut shrimp after that, but still :( I ate all my regular points and my flex points, I think...not sure how may points the coconut shrimp were??? I counted them as 4 each. The only good thing is I did 30 min on the treadmill in the am and got all my water in. I am trying to decide if I should just try really hard to stay within my target points for the rest of the week (which never happens and 5 days left) or just start a new week??? I do know that I am going to have to workout more than 3 days as I stated as my goal. What have you guys done when you've blown it? HELP PLEASE

7/11/07 Wednesday Anniversary


Light String Cheese 1
100 cal Cheez-its 2
V8 0


Cheese Fries 18
Bloomin Onion 14
2 Coconut Shrimp 8
Bread- Small Pc 1
Couple Bites of Salad 4
Wine 9


30 min on treadmill~ 1 down, 2 to go

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crazy Day 7/10/07

So, I went to the surgeon today...no more answers than I had before! ARGH!!! He gave me 3 options: 1- do nothing and see if it changes (not an option), 2: have an MRI and 3: Cut me open, biopsy it and leave a scar.... So, I am going for option 2 for now... as if that was not stressful enough, DH forgot some stuff for work and I had to drive 100 miles there and a 100 miles back right after the dr. appt!!! GRRR I was SO HUNGRY the whole way there (tummy grumbled the entire time), but I resisted driving thru somewhere. I did not have my dining out companion book and knew I would over indulge...so I waited until I was on my way home...stopped on the turnpike, at one of the plazas...got a decaf coffee from starbucks with 2 splendas and non-fat milk...only drank 1/4 of it. Also had a banana. Thank goodness they had them, there was nothing else to choose and I thought I was going to die :0

Did not get home til 9 and then my sister talked my ear off for the next 1/2 hour. I did not get to eat until 9:30 and I was starving! But so far I have stayed withing my target range, but I did not drink enough water and no exercise :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


Veg Beef Soup 2
Crackers 1



1/4 cup Starbucks Coffee w/ 2 Splendas and non-fat milk 1
Banana 2


Chicken Breast 3
Frank's Hot Sauce 0
Red Skin Potatoes 2
1/4 cup 2% cheese 2
Bacon bits 1/2 Tbsp 0
Greek Salad 2
Wine 14


WW Toffee Candy 1


Hope everyone is having a GREAT night! :)

7/9/07 Crab Night

So, I weighed in today...6 days since last WI and I am down .5 lbs! So, that is 12 lbs. in 5 weeks YEA ME!!!!!! Today was a good day! Ran some errands and then went early to dinner (got to get there b4 they run out of crab LOL) and ate ALOT of crab and a few steamed veggies. Then came home and watched a movie with DH :) Tomorrow is the day I see the surgeon, so wish me luck!



WW Bagel 2
Light Veggie Cream Cheese 2


100 Cal Cool Ranch Doritos 2


Crab- 19 claws 18
Broccoli n Carrots in garlic and lemon 0
Wine 15 (over 5 hrs)


Tomorrow starts week 6




I forgot to tell you guys...I bought 3 pairs of jeans 3 months ago... all the same size, 2 were ok but the 3rd was pretty tight (everything falling over the top, know what I mean). So, we were getting ready for dinner Sunday night and I pulled the extra tight ones just to see how things were progressing AND they fit! YIPPEE :) I was SO happy, especially since my favorite jeans are about to take a nose dive!!!

That was the good thing... the bad thing is I only got 2 of the 3 workouts I set as a goal :( But 2 out of 3 is not bad...so I am going to make the goal again for 3 and this week I AM going to do it :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

7-8-07 Lazy Sunday

Was a typical Sunday when DH is not at the station. Slept in... did some yard work... slept so more and ate in between! Went back to Applebee's, this time it was much better!!! :) Oh, and I did get my 2nd workout in for the week... one last day, so I'll be working out again tomorrow ;)


Low Fat Grill Cheese 3
Kettle Baked Chips 2
V8, pickle 0


Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Spinach Artichoke Dip 4
1/2 Chix Tortilla Melt 5
Wine 13

FP LEFT 13 *** And tomorrow is all u can eat crab, so I'll need them!!! :)

AP 2- 30 Min Treadmill, did not use these...just use FP

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Today has been an ok day...very rainy! I slept in and hubby has slept most of the afternoon. I am really looking forward to watching Live Earth tonight. Will probably be a quiet night, which is just fine with me :) Update: I think Applebee's was built on a Indian burial ground or it is cursed! Everytime we go there, we seem to argue :0



1 oz rotissire chicken 1
low fat potato skins 4
light sour cream 1
watermelon 1
cucumber water 0


French Onion Soup 3
Steak and Portabello's 7
Wine 14

TARGET 26 TOTAL 31 used 5 flex pts

Also drank 50 oz of water w/ fresh lemon
Then the one cucumber water 16 oz
Total 66...not the 80 I wanted to do, but ok


Okay, so the Hint water came in! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!! So, far I have tried cucumber and rasberry lime. The cucumber is my favorite so far. The health store is getting me 3 more flavors- peppermint, tropical punch and pomegrante tangerine. I will keep everyone updated on the best ones. And with 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 everything, I am going to drink 1 a day ;)

On another note, I had pulled out this idea from the Racheal Ray magazine last year...just pulled it out because I love this during the summer. You take 2 qts of water, 1 sliced orange and a vanilla bean. Slice the oranges and add to the water. Then, split the vanilla bean (I used Spice Island bourbon vanilla bean, and used 1/3 of one, you can use more, it calls for 1) and add that to the water. Let it sit overnight and then it will taste almost like a creamsicle! Very yummy...oh and when you take out the orange slices, they are tasty and juicy!!!

Hope everyone is having a great 07-07-07 :) Save the Earth!

Friday, July 6, 2007


Well, I was really hung over from last night...not enough food, too much wine and A LOT OF YELLING!!! Then, DH said I had to get a part time job but only if I could work from home like before...like those jobs are a dime a dozen-YEA RIGHT!?! So, I looked into some stuff online and of course found nothing...but I was looking SO intently, that I looked up and it was 4 PM :0 I had not had more than 20 oz of water and absolutely NO food! At least when hubby got home we talked and we are trying to work it out... do you know what we were fighting about last night??? The fact that he does not like taking me to dinner and even though I eat some of the appetizer he wants, that then I only eat a soup or baked potato!!!! WTF???? I tried over and over to explain the point system but it is like beating my head against a freaking wall! It is driving me crazy... what am I suppose to do? HELP

97% FF hot dog 1
whitewheat bun 1
mustard, pickle, ketchuo 0
low fat mac salad 2

DINNER WAS WEIRD (went to Roadhouse, changed their menu so we left after 1 drink)
WIne 2
Then went to Bennigan's
1/2 Chicken Platter 6
Wine 3
Tortilla Soup- no extra tortillas 4 (not sure of pts)
More Wine at home 8


Yesterday was SOOOO Bad 7/5/07

My DH and I fought ALL DAY long :( It was really really bad... such a bad food day too... We fought at Applebee's so bad, I ate regular chips and 1/2 the spinach dip and drank a bunch of wine :0 I even ordered the steak and portabello dinner and ww dessert and did not touch either! Hope today is better...

So, here is the damage:

Taco Meat 4
Lettuce n Tomatoes 0
Guacamole 1
Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Salsa 0

Tortilla Chips ? 5
Spinach Dip? 7


No exercise ;(

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My 4th of July

July 4th was a great day... DH was working(fire department), so I had the house all to myself :) Well, except for the kids...my doggies. SO, I slept in, watched a little tv, but mostly thought about my goals for this week... and then just got up and got on the treadmill! YIPEE I kept using the excuse that getting on it in the afternoon would be TOO HOT, it is in our screened patio which is not air conditioned... But, I got on it at 2:30, turned the fans on, opened the windows and got to walking!!! YEA FOR ME :) So, no more excuses. I will be exercising much more now... anyway enough rambling, onto the menu

Wednesday JULY 4th

1 oz rotisserie chicken 1
Baked Doritos 2
Pickles 0

97% FF Hebrew National Hot Dog 1
Nature's Own Whitewheat bun 1
Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles 0
2 small ribs 4
Low Fat Macaroni Salad 2
Cold Broccoli Salad 2
Corn on the Cob 1
ICBINB Spray 0
Wine 15

Watermelon 1


Note: I do not use my activity points, just my flex pts. Seems to all work at in the end!

I Like It Here

First, I want to say I will try to keep copying and pasting to my blog on Roni's site and I am REALLY happy that she got everything back up and running, but I think I am going to stay here! I like it here and seem to get more comments here. And I love the support!! ((hugs)) It helps keep me going. And I will keep up with everyone, not matter what everyone decides! If you do switch, make sure to let me know so I can keep you in my friends column :)

4th of July Menu to come soon...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lookin Good

So, I was undressing earlier yesterday...and my hubby said I looked good! Been a while since he said anything like that, so I was REALLY happy :) More later, just enjoying the 4th...but staying pretty much on track. Will list menu/points later... dealing with a dog who hates fireworks! Poor Puppy :( Hope everyone is having a safe, happy and OP 4th of July!!! ((hugs))

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Okay, so we went to Applebee's again tonight. I like that I did not have to calculate all the points. Then they thru the 2 for 1 wine curve, but I made up for it. I really need to get better at eating in the morning. I am always so busy, I forget...


1 oz Rotisserie Chix 1
Light String Cheese 1


1/2 bowl French Onion Soup 1.5
1/2 Chix Tortilla Melt 5
Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Spinach Artichoke Dip 2
Wine 14
1/2 WW Choc Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 1

FP LEFT 33.5

Happy 4th of July. Be Happy and Be Safe :)

WI 7/3/07

So, I weighed in...and I lost another 1.5 lbs. Total of 11.5 lbs in 4 weeks. I feel like I have turned a corner after all the other diets I have tried and failed on, because I usually would be disappointed that it is going slow. Understand, when I did Atkins I lost 15 lbs in the 1rst 2 weeks. And have the stretch marks to prove it :0 That was when I learned that losing weight quickly in not necessarily a good thing!!! Now I look at WW as a lifestyle, not a diet. And I am confident that I will succeed this time!


Really need to start exercising, have been very lazy :(
Drink 80-100 oz water a day
Get more fruit in each day
Cut down on the wine

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So, I did pretty good food wise. But very bad news...life is like a freaking roller coaster. Just found out we made be sued because of an accident my DH was in in January :( Waiting to hear from insurance co., hoping I am just reading the worst into the letter we got... So, I have been trying not to stress eat and I have to say I think I did pretty well.

Shredded Chix 3
Lettuce, Tomatoes 0
Light Sour Cream 1
Guacamole 1
Baked Tortilla Chips 2
Salsa 0
100 cal bag goldfish 2
Wine 14
Egg Roll- From Home 2
Garlic Shrimp n Veggies from Walmart 3
1 cup Egg Drop Soup 1
1/4 cup Rice Noodles from Publix 1.5
Duck Sauce/Hot Mustard 1
1/2 WW Choc Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 1


Hope everyone is having a GREAT OP night :)

July 4th is Looking Good

I was really worried about how many pts. I would be using that day. Going to the in-laws and they are not really low fat friendly. So, I decided to plan! I already knew about Hebrew National 98% FF hot dogs, so I bought them the other day. But today I hit the jackpot! I found Nature's Own Whitewheat hot bog buns. They are only 1 pt :0 That is a 2 pt hot dog, with a little mustard and dill relish :) I also got some low fat macaroni salad, which is 1.5 pts per serving. With that and some salad, fruit and maybe 1/2 deviled egg, it is going to be a good day!!! :) My only obstacle will be the wine ;)

Oh, and more good news...my local natural health store is going to order Hint water for me. I missed the flavored Smart Water when they discontinued it. Has anyone tried Hint? I would like to hear some feedback. I will let you know how I think it is when I get it on Thursday. Here is their website if you want to check it out:

Hope everyone is have a good day! Will be back to talk about today's menu... off to read all of your blogs :)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Potato Skins :)

OMG, the potato skins came out fantastic! And only 5 pts with light sour cream... they were AWESOME!!! Today was a nice and easy day, just the way I like them. Hope everyone had a great Sunday :)

7/1/07 Sunday

Homemade Low Fat Potatop Skins
Skins 1
1/4 cup 2% milk cheddar cheese 2
1 Tbsp Hormel bacon pieces 1
Light Sour Cream 1
Wine 14
Smart One Meatloaf w/ Mashed Pot 5
Greek Salad 3
1/2 WW Choc Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 1


I will definetly be having the potato skins again. They were YUMMY :)
Oh, and I drank all my water YIPPPEEEE

Here We Go Again

Well, the day started out well. Then we went to Roadhouse for dinner and it went downhill. I find it very hard to resist the shrimp teasers and then it is very limited what else I can have. I did use a good amount of FP, but I had them and I did not go over... still have some left. But somehow I still feel guilty!?! Does anyone else have a DH that is not always supportive? Mine tells me he likes me like this. And he always says oh, just take this meal off? I have tried talking to him and tell him all the reasons why I am doing this. It just seems sometimes, not all the time, it goes in one ear and out the other! How do you deal with it?

6/30/07 Saturday

Lean Cuisine Panini- Chix Spinach Mushroom 5
FF Pringles 1
V8, pickle 0
100 cal Hostess Cakes 1
100 cal Cheez-its 2
Wine 16
Shrimp Teasers 9
Piece of Roll w/ Butter Spray 1
Baked Potato w/ Butter Spray 3


I ate all the insides of the baked potato at dinner and then had a great idea. I love potato skins. Almost as much as I love french fries! ;) So, I am going to make low fat potato skins tomorrow using the skins from dinner, see how they come out. I will let you know! Hope everyone is having a great day! :)