Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cravings and Question

I have been craving buffalo chicken wings (naked, not breaded). It is the only reason I miss Atkins. I thought the craving would go away... but NO, it is only getting worse :( I know I could have some, just count the points. If I am not mistaken they are 3 per pc...I almost thought I was going to get one or two at crab night, but with happy hour the minimun you can order is 6. WAAAAAAY!!! And I feel like an idiot asking the ladt behind the deli at Walmart for 1 wing LOL So, does anyone know how I can take care of this craving???

And on an unrelated issue~ what kind of music do you listening to when working out? I am looking for more music to add to my Ipod.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend :)


tallmama said...

I may have a solution...I love buffalo wings also...and I found the subway buffalo chicken SUB is a great alternative!!! They have low fat ranch dressing too!! I looooove these subs! Sometimes I notice they are not on the menu, but 9/10 they will still make it...give it a try and let me know what you think???

Swizzlepop said...

Is it the wing sauce or the wing itself that you are craving? If it's the sauce then just get a bottle of Frank's Red Hot (available as Safeway and the like) and add it to a chicken breast. Now if it's the wing itself, then I can't help sorry ;p. Great now I want buffalo sauce :)