Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crazy Day 7/10/07

So, I went to the surgeon today...no more answers than I had before! ARGH!!! He gave me 3 options: 1- do nothing and see if it changes (not an option), 2: have an MRI and 3: Cut me open, biopsy it and leave a scar.... So, I am going for option 2 for now... as if that was not stressful enough, DH forgot some stuff for work and I had to drive 100 miles there and a 100 miles back right after the dr. appt!!! GRRR I was SO HUNGRY the whole way there (tummy grumbled the entire time), but I resisted driving thru somewhere. I did not have my dining out companion book and knew I would over indulge...so I waited until I was on my way home...stopped on the turnpike, at one of the plazas...got a decaf coffee from starbucks with 2 splendas and non-fat milk...only drank 1/4 of it. Also had a banana. Thank goodness they had them, there was nothing else to choose and I thought I was going to die :0

Did not get home til 9 and then my sister talked my ear off for the next 1/2 hour. I did not get to eat until 9:30 and I was starving! But so far I have stayed withing my target range, but I did not drink enough water and no exercise :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


Veg Beef Soup 2
Crackers 1



1/4 cup Starbucks Coffee w/ 2 Splendas and non-fat milk 1
Banana 2


Chicken Breast 3
Frank's Hot Sauce 0
Red Skin Potatoes 2
1/4 cup 2% cheese 2
Bacon bits 1/2 Tbsp 0
Greek Salad 2
Wine 14


WW Toffee Candy 1


Hope everyone is having a GREAT night! :)


WeightBGone said...

I hope you get some answers with the MRI. Great job staying OP with all the stress you are going through.

Ft Art student... said...

I hope you are ok, and I hope you find out good news with the MRI.
You are doing so good, keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

I hope the MRI clarifies things for you!! You are doing so good staying OP even in the midst of all that uncertainty! Keep up the good wrok and let us know how things are going for you!

dizzydazey said...

You really are doing a great job staying OP despite this stress!

I'm praying that your MRI gives you good news!

Take Care!