Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Retail Therapy 7/24/07

Well, not to brag but I have the best MIL in the world. She knew my DH was gone all day and she called me up, said she wanted to take me to lunch and take me shopping. She had decided that we needed to start redecorating our house (we moved there in Novemeber). So, she showed up with measuring tape in hand and decided we needed new curtains and rods in the bedroom and a slipcover for our loveseat in the sitting room!! SWEET!!!! We had a GREAT time :)

Then when I got home, there was a box from FTD waiting at my door. MY BFF sent me yellow roses and lilies, which were SO beautiful!!!

And after a long talk w/ my DH about letting me deal with the anxiety of the upcoming surgery my own way (since he is not the one being cut into), he went on a crazy binge to make me happy. He got me the last copy of Premonition which I have been dying to see. Then he set up the bedroom for a good night massage (PG 13 girls, get your minds out of the gutter LOL). He got a lavender candle, this flower oil thing to make the room smell nice and Aveeno stress relief lotion for the massage! What a sweetie :) I feel asleep right after it! It was awesome!

I need to have surgery more often... uh, just kidding. But it is really nice to have everyone helping me out and thinking of me! Food wise was pretty good

7/25/07 Tuesday 2 days til surgery

LUNCH- Applebee's

2/3 WW French Onion Soup 2
1.5 small pcs of MIL quesadillas 5


WW Quesadilla 4 (just could not get enough) ;)
Light Sour Cream 1
Salsa 0
Southwest Salad 3
Wine 13

Used 2 FP 33 Left

Drank 75 oz water
No exercise, was too tired after all that shopping :)

Hoping to say OP day before the surgery, cannot have more than 1-2 glasses of wine so I will probably be under point!!! ;) Hope everyone has a GREAT OP day! Thank you for all your comments and support ((hugs))


Colette said...

Surgery huh? *Colette wonders if she has any organs she don't need...LOL
Yes, I agree it is nice to be pampered and made to feel special. My bf does that for me from time to time too. The best was a candlelight bath in the jacuzzi where he bathed me!!! Yeah I thought the end of the world was coming too..LMAO!!!!!

Candace said...

It's so nice to have everyone gather round and support you the way you need it. I'm sure the surgery will be uneventful. Will miss your posts in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice pampering! I'm sure that everything will go very smoothly for you and you'll be A-OK in no time!