Saturday, July 21, 2007

Still Freakin Out but A Little Better

Yesterday was not a good day and it was...I drank too much wine. But I had a big achievement!!! Usually when I am stressed and had a little too much to drink (does not happen that often),I tend to make REALLY bad food choices. Last night we went to Bennigan's and before I would have gotten the appetizer platter with potato skins, wings and broccoli bites! Can we say lots of calories, fat and grease??? I can't say I was not tempted at least twice to order it before our waitress came, but I didn't!!! I was happy with myself for that particular thing, just not right in the head for obvious reasons so it was a fleeting happiness. Proud none the less...

7/20/07 Friday


Chix n Stars Soup 1
Crackers 1


Wine 9

DINNER- Bennigan's

Tortilla Soup (no tortillas) small 2
Crackers 1
Grilled Chix Breast 3
Baked Potato plain 3
Green Beans 0
Wine 4


More Wine 4

Used 4 FP 23 Left

Drank 72 oz water
No exercise

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

1 comment:

Ro said...

So frickin awesome....seriously I really know how hard it is to not just throw caution to the wind and order your comfort foods....but to make that decision s a huge step...CONGRATS!