Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dinner w/ IL's and My Favorite Boys 8/14/07

Day started off pretty rough... trying to get $$ together for DH truck repairs and some other unexpected expenses... did not realize until about 1pm that I had not eaten anything! Then, I got a headache and still had to run errands :( No salads at Walmart since I got there so late, but that's okay...I'll go tomorrow early and we were invited out to dinner with the in-laws and their neighbors John and Aaron. I love them to death and we had a wonderful time! It was a Italian place and I was nervous, since I have not been to an Italian place since I started WW. But I did a little research in my WW books and had a couple of options I could pick off the menu. I think I did pretty good! :) I am learning!!! Still no exercise- still having pain, per Dad and DH and FIL (all FF/Paramedics), they think when they did my surgery, doc may have cut into the muscle. But I am going to try walking on the treadmill at a VERY slow speed tomorrow for 15 mins and see what happens. I need to start somewhere and it will be just a little. I'll let you know how it goes...

8/14/07 Tuesday Week 11


97% FF Hewbrew National Hot Dog (1)
1 pc WW Whole Wheat Bread (.5)
Mustard (0)
1/2 cup FF Milk (1)


V8 (0)
Veg Beef Soup (2)

DINNER- Casa Stefano

Small pc pf bread (1)
Olive oil w/ s-n-p (1)
Salad (.5)
Dressing- Wishbone Salad Spritzers Balsamic Breeze (0) IT WAS SO YUMMY!!!
Lasagna (6) pc was 4.5" x 2.5" per book Complete Food got points- it said 6 pts but seems like it would be more (there were 3 WW serving on that dish :0 - portions are SO big these days)
Wine (11)


More Wine (2)

Used 0 FP, 35 left

Drank 64 oz
No exercise


Ro said...

Congrats to you for counting at the restaurant...just goes to show you, you can eat whatever you want dont restrict yourself just make sure you count it :~)
And I agree the portions are ridiculous and I never noticed until I started WW.
Have a Great and OP day....

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

It's these little things that make you realize that you ARE changing your habits and way of thinking about eating. I'm so proud of you!
And how about the -4 lbs? Holy crap! whooo-hooo!!!!!!!!!!