Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Thing 4 Flex Points! 8/23 & 8/24/07

So, Mom is still here and we have done a whole lot of nothing for the 1rst day 8/23 (Thursday)... just chilled and talked in the morning, then went to lunch with MIL at Applebee's.And then chilled and talked some more til DH got home and then we went to dinner at Outback. You can start to see the meaning on the title of this post... ;) 2nd day 8/24 (Friday) Mom and I went to do a little gambling (played slots) at Hard Rock- ate and drank..., then picked up her rental car at the airport (as she is continuing her travels to visit other family in the state) and then had dinner at Casa Stefano's. Again, check the title... I knew this would happen so I was prepared and did the best I could! I still have some FPs, so I had to have done something right. We had such a GREAT time and I was really glad she came and so happy just to hang out! She is always busy at home as a wedding planner, so we got some good quality time in- just the 2 of us!!!

2 NSV's

1- my wedding ring will finally come off without force or lotion or soap- YIPEE

2- I did not let the fact that Mom was in town derail my lifestyle change- BIG YIPEE this is SOOO huge because I was one of those that fell off the wagon and HARD for every birthday, anniversary, family visiting, you name it! But NO more :)

8/24/07 FRIDAY

LUNCH- Hard Rock Food Court

Small Beef Empanada (6)
2 Small Bites of Mom's Blk Beans and Rice (1)
2 Bloody Mary's (6)

SNACK- On the way home from all the slots, I was tired so

Starbucks Decaf w/ Non-fat Milk and 1 Splenda (2)

DINNER- Casa Stefano's

2 Slices of Bread (2)
Olive Oil w/ S & P (1)
Salad (0)
Vinegar (0) I forgot my Wish Bone Spritzer :(
Spaghetti Marinara (6)
Wine at dinner (4)
Wine at home (8)

Used 10 FP, Have 10 Left

Drank only 44 oz water- BAD, BAD, BAD
No exercise, but soon :)

8/23/07 THURSDAY


Light String Cheese (1)
V8 (0)

LUNCH- Applebee's with MIL

Teriakyi Shrimp Skewers (5) This was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! YUMMY Highly Recommend

DINNER- Outback

1/4 Cheese Fries (18)
2 oz Grilled Chix (2)
Steamed Veggies (0)
Wine at Dinner (4)
Wine at Home (10)

Used 15 FP, 20 Left

Drank 80 oz water
No exercise


Swizzlepop said...

You are doing so well considering you're still healing and taking it easy. Great choices with the eating out, you are really doing things right!

Swizzlepop said...
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