Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Am Crying, No More Salads :(

So, after trying 2 different Walmarts three different times, I finally asked the deli manager who happen to be on the floor working on one of the deli cases when they would be getting some more in... I almost passed out when she said they were no longer going to carry them!!! WTF??? How dare they get me hooked and then take it away!!! WAAAAAAAY :( After collecting myself, and trust me, it took a lot. I had these thoughts of slugging the manager or maybe just pulling her hair a little... or maybe not shopping there anymore...then I came to my senses! I can make my own greek was just so convenient that they had done all the work for me. So, I knew I could get all the ingredients except the same dressing...but I did find an ok one. I will get by with it.

PRODUCT REVIEW: It is Good Seasons Light Greek Vinegarette w/ Oregano and Athenos Feta Cheese. I had to try a little bit on my finger when I got it home. (yes, I am impatient if you could not tell LOL). It is a little salty but it'll do. And will probably taste a little different once it is all mixed in with the other stuff. Here is the nutritional info:

2 Tbsp
Calories 50
Fat 5
Fiber 0
Points- 1.5 (on my slider, it is right at the 1/2 line so I say 1.5)

Now, the Fiesta Salad is going to be a little bit harder because I cannot find a Lite Chipolte Ranch Dressing. I think I am going to do a mix of light sour cream, salsa, and some other ingredients, see if I can come up with something I can live with. Anyone know of a dressing like the dressing mentioned above??? The good thing is - I finally figured out what to do with all the crunched up pieces of my baked scoops. Instead of the blue chips they used, I will use the broken scoops. I don't think I'll even know the difference!

So, while I was delivered a BIG blow, I was able to take it and make a positive out of it! Which is another victory :)

Hope everyone is having a good day. The medi-strips are coming off tonight so I'll let you know how it goes... I am still having pain- it comes and goes, so doc has said to take it even easier for a few days (UGH!!) and see if it helps. If not, I have to go to his office on Tuesday. And then my Mom is coming to visit Wednesday :)


Colette said...

Try some of the south western dressing by Paul Newman...just one have to buy it at MCDONALDS! They don't sell it in the store. I am addicted to it!

Candace said...

Yeah, And if you're in Canada you're screwed 'cause even McDonals doesn't let you have it. Damn that Paul Newman!

Calyn said...

No, not in far from there I can get but still in the US... Florida! ;)

dizzydazey said...

Wal-Mart is so bad about getting people addicted to stuff and then not carrying them. I would hate them if I didn't love them so much. (what's a bargain shopping girl to do?)

I'm glad you're finding substitutes - and you've gotta try that South Western salad at McDonald's - it's waaay yum.