Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Start of Week 10 and I am in the CLEAR :)

So, saw the doc and from the title I kinda gave it away! I am fine...no I am better than that, I am GREAT!!! No cancer- YIPEE!!! I just want to thank you all for getting me thru one of the most difficult periods of my life!!!! It has meant SO much to me to have your support... and Wonder Woman Barbie is on the mend, invisible jet and everything!!!! Still need to take it easy for a week to 10 days. From my appt, he did take a significant portion out and it needs time to heal BUT that is fine with me!!! :) Anyway, IL's took us out to celebrate...and they only take us one place when this happens- Outback :0 BUT, I learned from the last time. No bloomin onion and only 1/4 of the cheese fries. NO bread even though my DH put that and the butter right in front of me while he scarfed it down...isn't he sweet? I did dip into my FP a little hard core but that is what they are there for...and we were celebrating so too bad!!! Just have to try and watch it the rest of the week...at least I did not use them all like last time. And I do not feel sick, so I am learning and finding the balance :)

DH got into another car accident. 3rd in 6 months... I was at my last wit earlier! Had to drive down and get him (truck had to be towed home)! At least no one was hurt, thank goodness. But it is too much. I know moving here was a big change and he has to drive more, but we've got to figure out something. Can't keep going like this... I guess it is a good thing I do not overeat from stress...used to, but it changed just like my taste buds over the years?!? Whatever...

So, good news and bad news all in one day, 1rst of week 10...we shall see where it takes us!

8/6/07 Tuesday


LF Hewbrew National Hot Dog (1)
Whitewheat bun (1)
Mustard, Pickle (0)

DINNER- Outback w/ IL's for celebration

1/4 Cheese Fries (18)
Ranch Dressing (4) not sure of those pts.
3 oz Grilled Chix Breast (3)
Steamed Veggies- no oil or seasonings (0)
Wine (7)

Used 10 FP have 25 Left

DRANK 70 Oz water w/ lime or lemon juice
No exercise

Again, thank you and I love you guys!!! ((hugs)) Go Barbie Brigade
Will check on everyone tomorrow, hope you are all doing well :)


KimLookAlike said...

Congratulations on sticking OP at Outback!! It is hard for me too with tose darn cheese fries- I worked at OUtback for 5 years and gained ALOT from the homemade ranch and cheese fries- they are just too good!! Congrats on the cancer-free diagnosis- I am so relieved for you!!!!!!!! I bet a huge weight is lifted from you with that news!! AJ

Melanie said...

OH girl that is so amazing..cancer free!! YEAH!!! God is amazing! Congrats and I agree with you for celebrating!!

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

This is absolutely AWESOME news! I'm so so happy for you. Splurging while your celebrating is the right way to go about it. Live it up!
As for DH's accident, do you think he's just had a lot to worry about and he's distracted?

Such great news though, you made my day!

Swizzlepop said...

OMG YAY for no cancer!!!!!!That is wonderful news!!!! (I will be 4 years cancer free in March).

And good for you for staying OP while celebrating such a wonderful thing. I would have said screw it and eating a whole onion myself.

Hope your DH is okay and that this accident streak ends soon.

Anne said...

Congrats on the very very good news! :)

dizzydazey said...

That's awesome!! God is amazing!

I'm so glad to hear the good news!! :o)

Twila said...

Well said.