Monday, August 13, 2007

Was up 2, now down 4 YIPEE 8/13 WI

So, I up uo 2 lbs 2 days after my surgery. Did not bother me, figured my body was confused. I am happy to say my WI today showed those 2 lbs. disappeared and took another 2 with it!!! So, I am 209 today. End of week 10- 17 lbs gone!!! I can actually see Onederland- I am almost there!!! Woo Hoo (doing my Barbie dance) :) Hope everyone else is having such a good day!!!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Also, when I went to WI, (For 1rst readers, I do not go to meetings and I weigh at my local Publix)I was going to get 1 fresh Publix fried chix tender to go with my LF potato skins as a treat. But I was there too early, they were not ready. So, I wandered around the store trying to look for something else and also wanted to see if they carried Alternative Bagels- 1 pt. (which they did not, neither does either Walmart in our local area). Well, I was in the frozen breakfast section where the bagels would have been and I found these Jimmy Deans D-Lights breakfast sandwiches. I picked the one with Turkey Sausage, because I have been craving a sausage McMuffin from Mickey D's. Here are the numbers and my review:

Jimmy Deans D-Lights
Whole Grain English Muffin
Egg White
Turkey Sausage

You can microwave it or cook in the oven. I chose the microwave option because I was making a hashbrown to go with it and you cannot microwave those- they need to be nice and crispy! Next time I will choose the baking option. It was good, really hit the spot. The sausage was sweet and a little spicy. But the english muffin got a lil soggy. I give it a 7 out of 10. Will see, but it'll probably be a 8 or 9 after baking it. And for 5 points, it was a good option. The ones I usually make myself at home are 4 pts with Canadian bacon. And I liked their egg better than the Egg Beaters. So it was a good buy, plus I had a $1.00 off coupon!

PER SERVING: Cal 280 (15% fat); Fat 10 g (4.5 g sat); Carb 30 g; Fiber 2 g; Calcium 20%; Protein 18 g

8/13/07 Monday


Jimmy Dean D'Light Brkfst Sandwich (5)
Hashbrown (3)
1 cup FF milk (2)
V8 (0)


100 Cal bag Cheez-its (2)


Lean Cuisine Philly Cheese Panini (7)
Baked Cheetos (3)
Pickles (0)
V8- Spicy Hot (0)
Wine (14)

Used 10 FP, Have 3 left but end of week YEAH~ I did not use them all :)

Drank 78 oz of liquid, mostly water
Still no exercise :( but soon I hope

I know it was a BAD day for veggies, hence the 2 V8’s. With bubble in the tire, have
to borrow MIL’s car to run errands and have not been able to in a few days so no salads! BOO HOO

Have a great day!!!


Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on the loss that is great! Watch out onderland Wonder Woman is on the way! (yea I[m a bit of a dork sometimes)

Steph said...

You go girl!! Wonder Woman is right!! I am soooo proud for you - make sure that you sport your cape next time you go to weigh in!! LOL

WeightBGone said...

Wow, a big loss for you thats fantastic!!!

I am so proud of you WTG!! Keep up the great job Wonder Woman!!

Ro said...

That is so exciting nad wonderful....4lbs....WHoo Hoooo!
You go Girl...(me high fiving you!)
Have a great day.....

Roni said...

WOO HOOO Great Loss!


That's the Barbie booty dance! ;)

MMalloy said...

You are doing fantastic...great job on the loss!!