Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dirty Dogs, Errands and Fighting 9/28/07

So, this was not a typical Friday. There were errands, shopping at Walmart. Then, our dogs got their baths, which is a workout in itself. Imagine a wet 120 lb dog charging at you and the towel you are holding like a bull. All so she can get dry because she knows there is a treat waiting at the other end of all this!!! LOL :0 She is extremely well behaved the rest of the time. The other one, 70 lbs HATES baths, you would think she was a cat! So, then we went to IL's to drop something off and I thought I was waiting for DH to finish talking to his Dad and he was waiting for me to stop talking to his Mom. So, we ended up missing going to our fav mexican place (they close early, that is early for us 10pm) and fought about it all the way to Applebee's. And I was twice as upset because I had allotted my points for the day thinking we were going to the mex place. So, I did not have a lot of points and ended up just picking...was not really hungry after the fight anyway. Things are ok now...hope everyone else had a better Friday night!

9/28/07 FRIDAY


WW Shepherd's Pie (7)
Steamed Veggies (0)


20 RF Cheez-its (2)
100 cal Hostess Cakes (1)


8 Baked Scoop Tortilla Chips (1)
A Little Spin Arti Dip (2)
WW French Onion Soup w/ half the cheese (2)
Wine (12)

Used 2 FPs, 28 Left

Drank 112 oz water w/ key lime

Exercise 1 hour

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dizzydazey said...

Ugh. I hate it when I think I'm going to get to eat Mexican and then I don't.

Maybe you guys can try to get there again soon! :o)

Happy Monday!