Friday, September 28, 2007

Dr. Appt and Headache 9/27/07

Title pretty much says it all. Had a Dr. appt, he gave me a new med and when I went home and researched it...there was NO way I was going to take it! So, I had to go back and ask for a different one. It is for sleeping, which I have not been doing a lot of lately! I think I waited too long to eat since I was doing all this running around, so I got a whopper of a headache. GRRRR, pretty much laid me out for the rest of the night :( DH did his best to take care of me! But, he gave me a medication that made me dizzy, hence the snack to try and get better. At least the headache went away :0

9/27/07 THURSDAY


Veg Beef Soup (2)
Crackers (2)


Whole Wheat Potato Roll (1)
ICBINB, Garlic Powder (0)
Steamed Veggies (0)


Jr. Hamburger (6)
Fries at Home (4)
Wine (12)

Used 2 FPs, 30 Left

Drank 108 oz water w/ key lime

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Ro said...

OMG!! How did I forget about damages....I am cant make my list yet until I find out how this all plays out.. so good huh..
Anyway please let me know how the meds work out you know I have issues as well in that department..
Hope your weekend is GREAT!