Monday, October 15, 2007

Show and Shine Day 10/14/07

So, we went to the car/truck show so my DH could show off his pretty truck and all he has done to it... And it paid off! He was the winner of the best Modified Truck. There were only 3-4 truck awards and about 14 he did really good! Made him happy, which makes me happy. Then, we went to celebrate his victory and the night before my 1st day of training at Outback. I did pretty good at the show...I did not give in to any temptation and drank lots of water. More later, but I am really tired now and sunburned!

10/14/07 SUNDAY


Light String Cheese (1)
Activia FF Yogurt (1)
Turkey/Ham Sandwich (2)
100 Cal Doritos (2)
V8, Pickle (0)
Beef Jerky (1)


Cheese Fries (18)
Ranch Dressing (4)
1 Crab Cake (6)
Remoulade Sauce (1)
Bread w/ Butter (3)


Drank 136 oz that is not a typo!

Exercise- detailing truck in blazing hot sun for 2 hours


dizzydazey said...

Yay for the Loss but Boo for the Sunburn!!

Hope you're feeling less crispy soon!!

dizzydazey said...

oops - I meant to say "Yay for the WIN!" :o)

Sorry - I haven't had enough caffine yet!!

Ro said...

Tell Hubby congrats!!!!